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Sock Puppets

For this fun project you need:

  • A sock, colored or plain white
  • Some colored felts to finish your puppet’s look
  • Adult to use a needle & thread
  • Yarns if making a person with hair or animal with hair
  • Store bought, craft project eyes, some are able to be sewn on, others need glue

First think of what kind of puppet you want to make, an animal, or a person. Then use the felt to make a mouth for your puppet and cut to size. Next cut into the sock, where you will insert the felt mouth. Sew the felt from the inside so the outside has a ‘clean finish’ and knot at the end several times. Add yarn hair, by making long loops of yarn, then tie a knot in the middle, cut free the two ends and attach to the head of sock puppet.

If making an animal, lets use a rabbit as our example, you would make long ears from felt, and attach with the needle & thread to the head of the puppet. Next you would make his nose, give him paws, perhaps even attaching a few cotton balls for his tail. You could add whiskers with a fat yarn needle and use black yarn. This would work for a cat, lion, whatever your puppet is going to be, its only as limited as your imagination

Once I was so enthusiastic I went out and bought a pair of long, deep green socks with the object being I was making a ‘crodnick’ which I had seen in a commercial that said "Our toy is more fun then a barrel of Crodnicks!" It showed a barrel of cute animated green alien creatures that I had to make one for myself and my best friend. We did it together and it was a neat way to spend a boring summer day. Have fun with it!

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