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Colored Sand Paintings/Colred Sand Jars

Needed are the following:

  • one ot two containers of salt
  • pastels to use that you don't mind wearing into small unusable pieces
  • paper & or a small clear jar, like a jelly jar or something
  • newspaper
  • elmers glue (For sand paintings only)
  • imagination

What you do is use the newspaper to 'draw' the color into the salt in areas of the newspaper, making sure to get it all colored. This is how to keep your colored salts in order, by making different areas on your newspaper covered table.

Then the fun part: chose which project you're doing. If painting, take out your piece of construction paper and open your glue. Use the glue to be the lines of the drawing, then using a smaller piece of paper, pick up your first choice of colored salts you prepared.

All that is left here is to take the color you choose and shake it over the glue lines to be the paint for the sand painting. The leave to dry!

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