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Five Minute Paper Fortune Teller

This is something I picked up at camp years ago, you just need a nice sheet of either notebook paper or construction paper and something to write with. Markers work great or just a ball point pen. First you fold the paper, taking the top left corner, and bringing down to meet the right side of the paper. The idea here is to size it to make a square. Fold the opposite, setting another crease as a guide for when you fold it into a square from top to the ends of the guide creases. Leaving a small leftover piece you are about to trim and your square part with guide creases.

Now you take and fold each corner to the center, making a smaller square. Turn over and repeat. You’re almost there! Now you need to decorate it with fortunes and a way to get to your fortune. There will be four open pockets on the back and a series of small triangles on which you will write numbers. Lift up each pocket flap and put in a thumb and fore finger. Get the feel of working the paper back and forth, for that is how you are going to use this little paper thing to tell a person’s fortune.

Now you have to go to each inner flap, and divide the underside into two areas for separate fortunes, small things like you might find in the popular eight ball toys. Then after each has a fortune, having eight total, you need to make the inside numbering. Just put two on a flap and a line between them and it works. However you want to do this is fine, when you hold it in your hands flipping between the two sides, you will see four at a time. You can chose to do even & odd numbers or be completely random. Make a choice from 2 - 12 or so. You don’t want a high number like twenty because your fingers would get tired out before you flipped to each number, back being one count, the forth movement being the second count.

Last is choosing the words for the last four top flaps that go over your fingers when the ‘teller’ is closed. I usually used colors and then you’re all set to have a question answered. Pick a color, let’s say red, you flip three times and then pick a number and flip that many times. Pick a number again and lift its flap to get your answer. We had a lot of fun with this in school and I had a creative use for the leftover piece I will share here for the heck of it. I would tear it to make a ‘paper forked tongue’ and this only works with notebook paper, by the way, so don’t try with construction paper. Then you put the end of the ‘tongue’ onto your own, the forked end being the end you have towards people around you. Then let your saliva soak into the paper without moving the ‘tongue’ and then blow making the tongue flap around very loudly and almost tauntingly! Have fun!!!

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