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Paper Beads

This is a neat way to spend an otherwise boring afternoon and make something you might give or wear for fun. You need:

  • Old magazines or catalogs
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Paint brush
  • Straw
  • string Squirt a little glue into the cup and stir in a small amount of water. Cut a series of long triangles out of a page from a magazine. Each triangle will make one bead. To make a necklace, you'll need about 25 beads.

    Lay a triangle with the side that you don't want to show facing up. Brush a small amount of the glue/water mixture onto the triangle. Take your straw and thread your necklace through it, then roll the wide end of the triangle around it. Continue rolling until you reach the point of the triangle. Slide the bead off the straw, onto the string and make more beads the same way. Let the beads dry for couple of hours and you have a really cool handmade necklace. Tie the ends together in a strong square knot and your necklace is ready to wear or give to a friend.

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