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Here are many fun games that we used to play at our Ozona Fun Club that made the day more fun. We will start with card games and move into more physical group games that work well in school or camp.

Slap Jack

Is easy to play and a lot of fun. The rules are, you must slap at the jacks as they come up to get all the cards below it. You split the cards, two ways or add another deck for a all out foursome of slap happy fun! Then each person lays a card down at the same time and if a jack appears the first to react and slap the ‘pile’ gets it! It is basically a faster variation of the popular WAR game.


As stated it is similar to the above slap jack game only each player takes turns and the high card of the round wins, unless there is a war. War is when two cards of the same appear and you have to lay out three cards face down and then turn a fourth face up. In cases of a double war, which does happen, this process is repeated and the winner takes all the cards into his deck. Whoever looses control of any aces in his hand is the eventual loser and you can play it out to its painful conclusion! What a game!


This is the card version of the game of the same name. You basically lay all 52 cards face down onto a table, mixing them all around and then take turns trying to make the most matches you can. When you make a match you get to take another turn. Whoever has the most matches wins! EASY!!!

Go Fish

Favorite of kids everywhere! This game is played by dealing seven to eight cards to each player, four is plenty of people and so is two! Then the person who is left of the dealer is either asked if they have a card as in "Do you have any Aces?" If the card is in their hand they must surrender it to the asker. Or if the person whose turn it is wishes, they can pick up from the pile Who then gets to ask again for another card. When no card is present, the play moves to the next player. Same question, the object being to make matches in your hand and have three or more so you can lay them down for points.

When someone has all matches they can go out and anyone left holding cards has to count them against any points they laid down. Then you write the score down and play to 50 or 100! Its up to you and how much fun your having playing.


Another favorite matching/point game, beloved by children all over the world! This one is similar to fish, but instead of holding all the cards in your hand, this games requires you to use skill strategy to manipulate the discard pile and ‘seed’ it so you can pick it up at the card you need and maybe two or three others you could use. This game starts out like fish, 7-8 cards, but the dealer leaves one card after all have been dealt and this is the first in the discard pile. The player to the left of the dealer leads in either, picking up the first face up card in the discard pile or drawing one from the deck at the discard pile’s side.

points in both games are identical with a few house rules variations on the Ace lead straight with a high king queen straight on its other side. I use the rule that if the runs are both there the Ace is worth 20 points! But if someone insists they do it otherwise, go with it. Face cards and tens are worth ten and Aces in a set of three or four are 15 a piece. Any other number cards are all 5 points apiece. When you count your score up, if you held cards in your hand when the last card was played then to tally your score you must subtract the points from your hand, first, and then add what is left to count towards your score.

When you want to lift a card from the discard pile, lets say you need a ace second from the top of a seven card pile. You must take all the cards up to the card you need and plan to play in this round. You need to score points in this move or else you cannot draw from the pile, other then the last card left by the previous player, which can be picked up if needed and not played. This is a fun game and I love playing it with a few friends on a weekend evening, sitting with a table full of chips and dips. Enjoy!

Yatzee, the great dice game!

This beloved favorite of people everywhere is a great game no matter how many players you have! All you need is at least five dice, if you have five per person, great! If not, just re-roll same dice. You need to make score sheet for eh player or go to a Wal-Mart or Target and buy some printed ones that run you about two bucks. Once you have that covered they should have these items listed for which you try to get high rolls for to make the highest score you can:

  • 1’s
  • 2’s
  • 3’s
  • 4’s
  • 5’s
  • 6’s
  • Bonus of 35 points if you score over 63 points in the "Top"
  • 3 of a kind
  • 4 of a kind
  • Full House
  • Small Straight - sequence of 4 dice
  • Large Straight - sequence of 5 dice
  • Yatzee - where all five dice are the same
  • Chance - where you put a roll that you can't use elsewhere
  • Bonus for additional Yatzee's is 100 points per Yatzee

This game is lots of fun for everyone and never the same twice. You can make your own score sheets and use five dice or have five for each player. Whatever works for you is great.

I hope you enjoyed the games page and invite any other games you might like to see listed here for others to enjoy. Thank you for visiting the Kid's Korner Games Page!

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