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Godís Eyes

for this simple project all you need are:

  • Sticks of nearly even length, or small wooden dowels
  • Variety of brightly colored yarns
  • small piece of cardboard and scissors
  • Time to be creative!

First you tie the two dowels, or sticks together in the middle with the first color you want that will be the center of your Godís Eye. Start wrapping it around until you have secured the two sticks to be at 90 degree angles evenly. Without cutting the yarn, continue wrapping it, but go totally around one stick, encircling it in yarn, cross over to the next dowel/stick and repeat this wrapping technique of full wrap, and move to the next. Encircle, move to next and encircle, making a nicely uniform weaving effect between the sticks.

To change colors, estimate how much yarn you need for a tie and then cut it. You want to aim to have the knot be on the back of the Ďgoodí side of the weaving. Pick the next color you want to weave into it next and tie to the end of main string. Continue until you have added as many yarns as you want, then tie at your chosen top, leaving enough yarn to fashion a loop at the end to hang from.

Last and most important is to add your embellishment. The tassels! I usually go with three, but if you want to do four, go right ahead. Take you cardboard and scissors, decide how long you want to make you tassel and cut the cardboard to the appropriate length. Then decide if you want to go with one color for the tassel to emphasize the center for example, or if you want all the colors mixed together.

If you chose the later, I suggest taking each yarn, unraveling a few feet of each, then take all the ends, evenly and begin wrapping around the cut cardboard. Do this until you have as large or small of a tassel as desired. If using a single color, just keep wrapping until your satisfied with the size. Finally, cut a decent sized piece of yarn that will be how you attach the tassel to the project. Slide this piece, underneath all the wrapped yarn at the top of the cardboard and tie tightly. Trim it next, cutting the ends free and then cutting across to even it out, smoothing them with your fingers, giving the tassel some shape. Cut a small piece of yarn and a centimeter or so from the top, tie this piece firmly and then smooth to blend in with the other ends and trim.

Now repeat this process until you made as many tassels as you need for your Godís Eye and attach them to the ends of the dowels/sticks. Your project is all done and ready to show off! Another variation is to change direction while wrapping the yarn between the dowels. This creates a neat effect that if you donít overdo, can make your project a tad fancier. The key is to use your imagination and have fun!

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