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At the bottom you'll see the first set up of Courage. That Courage from the first version became a victim of an breathing medication side effect of being iritable, that makes Jackie really prone to aggression and other undesireable behavior. But the good news is that I went over his face and his neck paying special attention to turning the head to be more straight. All it took was a few small changes, like the placement of the ears. You can see that they are different. They are the same ears of that black crafting foam, but I covered them with black felt.

We also discussed the eyes and those I changed moving away from the googly doll eyes. I did them completely out of felt covering the foam, which gives the eyes and his ears dimension from having the extra layer of felt. The nose is the only thing that was left intact because it was just perfect. So was the snout. You can see below the wrapped up inside out finished Courage. That was taken along with one other view when I was just about to pull his body all through and start stuffing him. It took one full bag of fiber fill to stuff him and we used a fabric cording to fill his arms, legs and tail with.

I sewed the body up with this awesome button thread, just like I used to re-enforce the arms and legs, and sew down the eye lids. I sewwed the felt onto the eyes with a basting stich at first then a running stitch to get it firmly sewn into place. I also did the eyes pupils with black felt and for them I used a running stitch. I made a 'beta-Courage' out of white linen so Mother had a pattern to work with. She did so awesome on the snout, it's perfect in my opinion. And the legs all came out fantastic. She did those from the beta dog's pattern I made. It was so cool, I wish I had taken a picture of it but I didn't. It was stuffed with plastic bags from the grocery.

I think it came out really great and I think that it will be a toy Jackie will always remember. That is what motivated my mother and I to make Courage. We took Jackie to Walmart and talked about making the dog toy as we looked for the right fabric, fortunately a plush pink was available that was perfect. We had thought the foam might be enough for the eyes and ears and the spots on his back, but in the end I had to recover them in the black and white felt sewing around each piece I was working on so that they would really stand out, yet to still remain fabric instead of the crafting foam. Working on this project together was a wonderful feeling, just like seeing Jackie's smile it is worth every stitch.